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 revenge.headliner.org : automatically the latest news
15-05-21 (00:03)   Focus Features Eyes Spring 2022 For Robert Eggers' Revenge Thriller 'The Northman' (Deadline.com)
14-05-21 (23:56)   'Riders of Justice': Mads Mikkelsen Would Like His Revenge Now, Thank You (RollingStone.com)
14-05-21 (13:03)   I Am All Girls review - a gritty revenge thriller on sex trafficking (Ready Steady Cut)
13-05-21 (13:10)   Borderlands 3 True Trials Event Begins Off This Week, Revengence Of Revenge Of The Cartels Coming In June (GameSpot)
12-05-21 (21:43)   Tom Brady will have his Patriots revenge game early in 2021 NFL season (New York Post)
12-05-21 (19:14)   Report: Liz Cheney Plans Revenge in the Midterm Elections, Seeks to Build a GOP "That Looks More Like A Cheney Party' (Breitbart.com)
12-05-21 (17:40)   AMC+ and AMC Set Premiere Date for Revenge Thriller, "The Beast Must Die" (The Futon Critic)
12-05-21 (14:14)   Jets will open NFL season with Sam Darnold revenge game (New York Post)
11-05-21 (21:18)   Our fave gentleman thief is back for revenge in trailer for Lupin part 2 (Ars Technica)
11-05-21 (17:56)   'Lupin Part 2' Trailer: Assane Thinks Up a New Plan for Revenge (RollingStone.com)
10-05-21 (03:59)   Americans eyeing 'revenge travel' hit with high gas prices, shifting rules (Washington Times)
08-05-21 (14:42)   'Wrath of Man' Is the Action-Heist-Revenge Flick You Want Right Now (RollingStone.com)
08-05-21 (02:05)   Tennis-Barty gains Badosa revenge to set up Sabalenka final in Madrid (OANN)
07-05-21 (05:34)   Jeezy Credits Snoop Dogg and E-40's Tough Love for Stopping Him From Plotting 'Revenge' (AceShowbiz.com)
07-05-21 (00:11)   Wrath of Man Review: Guy Ritchie Reunites with Jason Statham to Spin a Familiar, Welcome Revenge Yarn (The Film Stage)
06-05-21 (22:43)   Yankees' win streak halted by Jose Altuve's revenge (New York Post)
06-05-21 (17:14)   Conan Vows Revenge Against BTS After J-Hope Identifies Him as 'Curtain' (Video) (TheWrap.com)
06-05-21 (02:00)   Rangers, Capitals fight 6 times to open wild Tom Wilson revenge game (New York Post)
05-05-21 (05:14)   Yankees get some revenge on Astros, move above .500 (New York Post)
05-05-21 (04:06)   'Revenge tour': Yanks fans rain boos on Astros (ESPN.com)
04-05-21 (20:14)   NHL's complete Tom Wilson fail puts onus for revenge on Rangers (New York Post)
03-05-21 (04:20)   Batwoman's Wallis Day Teases a More Sadistic and Brutal Kate Kane: 'She's Out for Revenge' in Gotham (TVLine)
01-05-21 (18:03)   Vincenzo episode 19 recap - Jang Han-seok gets revenge and shoots [spoiler] (Ready Steady Cut)
30-04-21 (11:46)   Tom Clancy's Without Remorse ending explained - did John Clark get his revenge? (Ready Steady Cut)
29-04-21 (19:33)   'Wrath of Man' Red Band Trailer: Jason Statham is Out For Bloody Revenge (SlashFilm)
29-04-21 (17:03)   IFC Midnight Picks Up North American Rights To Welsh-Language Supernatural Revenge Horror Pic, 'The Feast' (Deadline.com)
28-04-21 (18:45)   Review: Michael B. Jordan seeks revenge in 'Without Remorse' (Washington Times)
28-04-21 (01:14)   Woman convicted of 'revenge porn' for sharing photos to prove fiancé cheated (New York Post)
27-04-21 (19:30)   Illinois woman convicted in `revenge porn' case from 2016 (Washington Times)
27-04-21 (17:56)   Revenge Gets Complicated in Trailer for Season Two of 'Who Killed Sara?' (RollingStone.com)
27-04-21 (06:28)   Lawsuit: Reddit Allowed Man to Repeatedly Post Underage Revenge Porn (Breitbart.com)
17-04-21 (19:00)   James O'Keefe of Project Veritas vows revenge on CNN and Twitter after ban (New York Post)
17-04-21 (10:00)   Rays get best revenge for past Yankees beanings: 'Win games' (New York Post)
17-04-21 (04:00)   Watch: Chilling video captures moment a love triangle erupts in murder, revenge in NYC (New York Post)
17-04-21 (00:04)   'Riders of Justice' Trailer: Mads Mikkelsen is Mad as Hell in Danish Revenge Thriller (SlashFilm)
15-04-21 (02:17)   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge Launches on Nintendo Switch Soon (Sirus Gaming)
14-04-21 (21:06)   Follow live: Liverpool looking for revenge against Real Madrid in second leg of Champions League quarterfinals (ESPN.com)
14-04-21 (19:24)   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge - Official Gameplay Trailer (GameSpot)
14-04-21 (19:01)   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge Coming to Switch, New Action-Packed Trailer Debuts (GamingBolt)
14-04-21 (18:38)   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge gets new trailer, launches on Switch in 2021 (Nintendo Enthusiast)
14-04-21 (18:24)   TMNT: Shredder's Revenge Confirmed For Switch, Launches This Year (GameSpot)
12-04-21 (15:59)   Iran Vows Revenge (Again) Against Israel After Sabotage at Nuclear Site (Breitbart.com)
08-04-21 (15:59)   Katie Hill Lawsuit vs. Daily Mail over 'Revenge Porn' Tossed Out in California (Breitbart.com)
07-04-21 (03:22)   The Lucas Family Reunion No One Noticed In Revenge Of The Sith (Looper)
05-04-21 (20:24)   Emily VanCamp on Sharon Carter's Return in 'Falcon and Winter Soldier' and the Mysterious Power Broker (Variety)
02-04-21 (18:29)   UK woman jailed for revenge-porn post mocking ex's genitals (New York Post)
02-04-21 (18:03)   Bitter Daisies season 2 review - a revenge thriller that gets better and better (Ready Steady Cut)
01-04-21 (22:14)   Paige Spiranac gets revenge on 'cleavage' critics with revealing photo (New York Post)
01-04-21 (14:14)   Star OnlyFans model enjoys 'ultimate revenge' after ex called her 'unattractive' (New York Post)
30-03-21 (21:58)   'The Handmaid's Tale': Watch June on revenge rampage in season four trailer (NME.COM)
30-03-21 (19:55)   The Handmaid's Tale Season 4 Trailer Shows June Seeking Revenge (GameSpot)
30-03-21 (19:36)   Biden's New 30 GW Offshore Wind Power Pledge Is Solyndra's Revenge (CleanTechnica)
30-03-21 (19:12)   The Handmaid's Tale Season 4 Trailer Teases Death, Betrayal, & Revenge (TV Fanatic)
29-03-21 (18:33)   'Wrath of Man' Trailer: Jason Statham is Out for Ruthless Revenge in Guy Ritchie's New Movie (SlashFilm)
29-03-21 (04:12)   V.C. Andrews' Hidden Jewel Review: Mystical Hexes, Sex, Séances, & Paul's Revenge! (TV Fanatic)
27-03-21 (16:56)   'Violation' Is Latest Rape-Revenge Thriller That Seeks to Subvert the Genre (RollingStone.com)
26-03-21 (16:41)   Chilean Gender Revenge Horror Flick 'Matria' Announces Which Heads Will Roll From Sanfic-Morbido Lab (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
26-03-21 (13:06)   Ringside Seat: Whyte looks for revenge in must-win rematch against Povetkin (ESPN.com)
25-03-21 (15:11)   Repeat or Revenge? Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou Meet Again in UFC 260 Rematch (RollingStone.com)
25-03-21 (14:14)   Iranian woman executes mom under law that lets kids exact revenge on parents (New York Post)
23-03-21 (22:03)   The Oval's Taja V. Simpson Talks Priscilla's Revenge Plot Against the First Lady: 'I Will Burn This Bitch Down' (TVLine)
23-03-21 (20:17)   Who Killed Sara? season 1 review - Netflix brings a compelling, revenge-thirsty murder mystery (Ready Steady Cut)
18-03-21 (18:00)   Revenge porn to become federal crime under bill, with possible 2-year imprisonment (New York Post)
18-03-21 (09:03)   Slaxx - the ending explained - the jeans unleash revenge (Ready Steady Cut)
16-03-21 (03:14)   Bill Belichick appears out for Tom Brady revenge in absurd NFL free agency (New York Post)
15-03-21 (18:32)   Slaxx review - revenge against modern slavery (Ready Steady Cut)
14-03-21 (17:04)   'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge' Trailer: A Throwback to the Classic Arcade Game (SlashFilm)
12-03-21 (16:51)   Who's Singing The Theme Song In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge Trailer? (Looper)
11-03-21 (01:05)   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far (Looper)
11-03-21 (00:24)   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge Brings Classic Turtles Arcade Style to Consoles and PC (PlayStation LifeStyle)
10-03-21 (20:59)   SNES-era TMNT returns in Shredder's Revenge, coming to Steam (PCGamesN.com)
10-03-21 (19:24)   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge Is A Retro Brawler Coming To PC And Consoles (GameSpot)
10-03-21 (17:57)   Ninja Turtles make surprise return in upcoming retro brawler Shredder's Revenge (Digital Trends)
10-03-21 (17:52)   Tribute Games and Dotemu - Who Are the Developers Behind Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge? (DualShockers)
10-03-21 (17:46)   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge is a Side Scrolling Brawler Game (Sirus Gaming)
10-03-21 (17:12)   'Shredder's Revenge' is a throwback brawler for Ninja Turtles fans (Engadget)
10-03-21 (17:10)   New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game Shredder's Revenge Coming To PC And Consoles (GameSpot)
10-03-21 (16:57)   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge looks gloriously retro - CNET (C-Net News.com)
10-03-21 (16:52)   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge 2D beat 'em up revealed by Dotemu (Nintendo Enthusiast)
10-03-21 (16:44)   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge Announced - 4 Player Beat 'Em Up "Coming Soon" (GamingBolt)
10-03-21 (16:10)   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge - Official Announcement Gameplay Trailer (GameSpot)
10-03-21 (16:10)   New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game, Shredder's Revenge, Is On The Way (GameSpot)
08-03-21 (22:36)   The Ending Of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Explained (Looper)
05-03-21 (12:46)   Sentinelle ending explained - how did Klara get her revenge? (Ready Steady Cut)
05-03-21 (12:03)   Sentinelle review - a thematic revenge thriller that needs more script. (Ready Steady Cut)
03-03-21 (16:40)   Link Tank: The Best Revenge Movies of All Time (Den of Geek)
02-03-21 (17:42)   Revenge of the Nerd: Ayo Edebiri Breaks Out on 'Big Mouth' (RollingStone.com)
02-03-21 (10:32)   'Normal People' Star Paul Mescal & 'Mank' Actor Tom Burke Set For Irish Revenge Thriller 'Bring Them Down'; Charades Boards Sales - EFM (Deadline.com)
27-02-21 (07:43)   Warriors' Draymond Green gets revenge vs. Hornets after losing cool week before (New York Post)
26-02-21 (23:24)   Sifu is a Kung-Fu Themed Quest for Revenge, but Time Isn't Your Friend (PlayStation LifeStyle)
22-02-21 (23:29)   Emerald Fennell Explains How 'Promising Young Woman' Twists the Revenge and Comedy Genres (TheWrap.com)
20-02-21 (15:12)   Days of Our Lives Review Week of 2-15-21: Bitten by the Revenge Bug (TV Fanatic)
19-02-21 (00:28)   AMC's 'Kevin Can F**k Himself' blends sitcoms and revenge in trippy first trailer (Mashable)
18-02-21 (22:13)   The Sitcom Wife Plots Revenge in the Kevin Can F**k Himself Trailer (Vulture)
17-02-21 (14:41)   Starbreeze Is "Thirsting For Revenge" And On The Hunt For A Payday 3 Publisher (GameSpot)
14-02-21 (18:46)   This Week In Music: Taylor Swiftly Enacts Her Revenge On Her Master Rights Holders (Deadline.com)
12-02-21 (23:04)   'Violation' Trailer: Feminist Revenge Horror Film Hits Shudder This March (SlashFilm)
11-02-21 (21:14)   Playboy model does sexy revenge shoot after being 'humiliated' on flight (New York Post)
11-02-21 (20:05)   Pliskova exacts revenge on Collins as familiar foe awaits (OANN)
06-02-21 (19:14)   China Threatens Revenge After UK Bans Communist Propaganda Outlet (Breitbart.com)
06-02-21 (14:17)   An Eye for an Eye: revenge horror (Final Girls Berlin) shorts programme (Ready Steady Cut)
05-02-21 (00:16)   Mississippi considers bill to outlaw 'revenge porn' (Washington Times)
04-02-21 (00:43)   Buccaneers' 'Grave Diggers' eager for revenge in Super Bowl 2021 (New York Post)
03-02-21 (18:24)   'Riders of Justice' Review: Mads Mikkelsen Leads This Pitch-Black, Screwball Revenge Comedy (Variety)
02-02-21 (23:05)   The Controversial Revenge Drama Dominating Amazon Video (Looper)
02-02-21 (15:29)   Aaron Rodgers is 'hell-bent on revenge' against Packers: TJ Lang (New York Post)
30-01-21 (02:14)   Expect Gov. Cuomo to take revenge on AG Letitia James for uncovering truth about nursing-home deaths (New York Post)
29-01-21 (05:39)   Reddit Users Say GameStop Rocket Is Revenge of the Masses (Gadgets 360)
28-01-21 (03:34)   Christa B. Allen Will 'Absolutely' Be Invited to Upcoming 'Revenge' Reunion (AceShowbiz.com)
27-01-21 (05:45)   Revenge Reunion Organizer Says Christa B. Allen Will "Absolutely" Be Invited After Apparent Snub (E! Online)
27-01-21 (00:20)   Christa B. Allen Invites Fans to Join Her on TikTok as She's Snubbed From 'Revenge' Reunion (AceShowbiz.com)
26-01-21 (04:02)   Revenge Star Christa B. Allen Says She Was Not Invited to Cast Reunion: "As Per Usual" (E! Online)
22-01-21 (16:43)   Twitter suspends Ayatollah of Iran after he calls for Trump 'revenge' (New York Post)
21-01-21 (21:10)   AMC Networks Acquires Revenge Thriller 'The Beast Must Die,' to Premiere Later in 2021 (Variety)
21-01-21 (03:14)   Antifa Attacks Democrat HQ in Portland -- Wants Revenge, Not Biden (Breitbart.com)
19-01-21 (21:16)   US inmate to plead guilty in revenge murder-for-hire plot (Washington Times)
18-01-21 (22:14)   Baylor vs. Kansas prediction, line: Bears will get revenge (New York Post)
15-01-21 (20:45)   Bokhari: This Is the 'Revenge of the Corporate Oligarchs' Against Political Dissidents (Breitbart.com)
14-01-21 (17:33)   'Payback' Trailer: After Six Years in Prison, One Man is Out for Revenge (SlashFilm)
13-01-21 (16:33)   First Ring Daily 971: Luna's Revenge (Thurrott.com)
10-01-21 (22:14)   Lamar Jackson leads Ravens to NFL playoff revenge win over Titans (New York Post)
10-01-21 (05:06)   'Feels good': Rams exact revenge on Seahawks (ESPN.com)
09-01-21 (17:22)   Why Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith is the best of the Star Wars prequel trilogy (Looper)
09-01-21 (13:10)   'Grizzly II: Revenge' Review: An Infamous Abandoned Film Gets Finished ... Off (Variety)
02-01-21 (06:14)   Justin Fields, Ohio State get their Clemson revenge in semifinal upset (New York Post)
01-01-21 (04:59)   Free speech advocates losing legal challenges against revenge porn (Washington Times)
31-12-20 (17:59)   Supco ruling: 'revenge porn' not protected free speech (Washington Times)
31-12-20 (14:50)   Rizin FF 26: Kyoji Horiguchi exacts revenge, TKOs Kai Asakura to reclaim bantamweight title (MMAjunkie.com)
31-12-20 (14:07)   UFC free fight: Rose Namajunas gets revenge against Jessica Andrade in rematch (MMAjunkie.com)
30-12-20 (20:21)   Returning from ACL surgery, Kyoji Horiguchi eyes revenge - and his old title - at Rizin FF 26 (MMAjunkie.com)
24-12-20 (20:09)   Promising Young Woman Review: a Revenge Fantasy for the Modern Female (Den of Geek)
22-12-20 (19:00)   Blumhouse Wins Bidding War for NY Times Miriam Rodriguez Kidnapping Revenge Article (TheWrap.com)
22-12-20 (18:42)   Emerald Fennell on Subverting the Revenge Thriller with Promising Young Woman and the Horrors of the Patriarchal System (The Film Stage)
21-12-20 (23:01)   Pornhub squarely targeted in bipartisan bill to regulate sex work online (Ars Technica)
19-12-20 (18:16)   For the Love of God, Please Don't Reboot Revenge of the Nerds (TVOvermind)
17-12-20 (01:33)   'Revenge of the Nerds' Reboot Coming From the Lucas Brothers and Seth MacFarlane (SlashFilm)
16-12-20 (20:13)   The Lucas Brothers Are Making a Less Problematic Revenge of the Nerds (Vulture)
16-12-20 (18:36)   Seth MacFarlane is rebooting Revenge of the Nerds (Looper)
16-12-20 (17:41)   Family Guy Creator Seth MacFarlane Rebooting Revenge Of The Nerds - Report (GameSpot)
16-12-20 (17:29)   'Revenge of the Nerds' Reboot in the Works From Seth MacFarlane and the Lucas Brothers (TheWrap.com)
16-12-20 (16:10)   Seth MacFarlane to Reboot 'Revenge of the Nerds' With the Lucas Brothers (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
15-12-20 (20:14)   Bill Gross denies blaring music to get revenge on neighbor (New York Post)
15-12-20 (18:16)   Pauly D and Vinny Will Make You LOL With the Return of Revenge Prank: Watch a Sneak Peek (E! Online)
15-12-20 (13:30)   AP Interview: Smith looks for family revenge against Alvarez (Washington Times)
14-12-20 (19:43)   Hardcore travel junkies are already planning excessive 'revenge' vacations (New York Post)
11-12-20 (23:03)   CAA Accuses WGA Of Waging "Revenge Campaign" To Put It Out Of Business (Deadline.com)
11-12-20 (21:34)   Taylor Swift Pays Tribute to Late Grandmother on New Album About Infidelity, Revenge and Murder (AceShowbiz.com)
11-12-20 (10:20)   Chris Hemsworth Gets Revenge on Ryan Reynolds After Mom's Smack Talk (AceShowbiz.com)
11-12-20 (01:20)   Diplo Granted Restraining Order Against Revenge Porn Accuser (AceShowbiz.com)
06-12-20 (07:20)   Best of Week 14: Coastal Carolina downs BYU, Bama is out for revenge and more (ESPN.com)
04-12-20 (19:28)   ISIS Plotting Christmas Attacks in Europe in Revenge for Mohammed Cartoons, Claims Ex-MI6 Spy (Breitbart.com)
04-12-20 (15:42)   100 Gecs Get Revenge on Santa Claus in New Song 'Sympathy 4 the Grinch' (RollingStone.com)
28-11-20 (12:43)   Iran's supreme leader vows revenge over slain scientist (New York Post)
28-11-20 (11:59)   Iran's supreme leader vows revenge over slain scientist (Washington Times)
27-11-20 (16:59)   Surging LA Rams seek revenge in rematch with slumping Niners (Washington Times)
26-11-20 (20:43)   Mastermind behind revenge porn ring sentenced to 40 years in prison (New York Post)
26-11-20 (17:45)   Shaky PSG defense awaits revenge-seeking Ben Arfa (Washington Times)
23-11-20 (23:07)   Dustin Poirier: Conor McGregor rematch at UFC 257 isn't about 'revenge' or 'getting even' (MMAjunkie.com)
22-11-20 (12:45)   Trump plotting his ultimate revenge: Getting the last laugh in 2024 (Washington Times)
20-11-20 (23:48)   New Trump Medicare drug-price rules denounced as political revenge by industry (OANN)
20-11-20 (19:30)   Vengeance served COVID-style as 'revenge porn' surges during pandemic lockdown (Washington Times)
20-11-20 (08:32)   Have You Played... Lego Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge? (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
19-11-20 (19:34)   Diplo Slapped With Restraining Order Amid Revenge Porn Allegations (AceShowbiz.com)
19-11-20 (04:34)   Diplo's Revenge Porn Accuser Files Restraining Order Against Him (AceShowbiz.com)
18-11-20 (23:59)   Revenge Tour: Jags face several former players down stretch (Washington Times)
18-11-20 (21:06)   LIVE: England on Iceland revenge mission (ESPN.com)
18-11-20 (18:14)   NY AG warns of revenge porn increase amid COVID-19 online dating (New York Post)
18-11-20 (16:30)   New York warns of surge in 'revenge porn' during coronavirus (Washington Times)
18-11-20 (16:27)   Diplo Accused of Revenge Porn, Woman Files Restraining Order (Vulture)
18-11-20 (14:56)   Diplo Denies 'Revenge Porn' Allegation Following Restraining Order Application (RollingStone.com)
17-11-20 (22:49)   Diplo Denies Leaking Revenge Porn (AceShowbiz.com)
17-11-20 (16:31)   Diplo Denies ''Revenge Porn'' Claim After Woman Files Restraining Order Against Him (E! Online)
12-11-20 (18:03)   Private Lives episode 12 recap - Bok-gi has who own ideas to get revenge (Ready Steady Cut)
11-11-20 (18:22)   The Yellowstone character fans think will go on a Season 4 revenge journey (Looper)
11-11-20 (01:07)   For Emmanuel Sanchez, Bellator grand prix is about championship - and revenge along the way (MMAjunkie.com)
10-11-20 (19:53)   Jordie Bellaire's Redlands tells a horror story of feminine revenge (Syfy Wire)
10-11-20 (06:03)   David Beckham Warns Wife 'Revenge Will Be Sweet' After She Unveiled His Boots Blunder (AceShowbiz.com)
09-11-20 (21:14)   Kansas Democrat Who Admitted to Circulating Revenge Porn Wins State House Seat (Breitbart.com)
09-11-20 (21:03)   Lingering aka Hotel Lake (Shudder) review - sumptuous atmosphere, rather than bloody revenge (Ready Steady Cut)
09-11-20 (18:14)   Jameis Winston's perfect Buccaneers revenge is mostly 'eating a W' (New York Post)
09-11-20 (06:14)   Jets have opportunity to exact revenge on Patriots (New York Post)
09-11-20 (05:14)   Kansas Democrat who admitted to revenge porn wins state House seat (New York Post)
08-11-20 (02:45)   Jail Stephen Miller! Slate Joins Media Cry for Revenge Against Trump Supporters (Breitbart.com)
06-11-20 (18:45)   Virginia woman accepts plea deal in 'revenge porn' case (Washington Times)
04-11-20 (21:14)   Toledo vs. Bowling Green prediction: Favored Rockets get revenge (New York Post)
04-11-20 (06:30)   Mike Murphy says 'revenge of John McCain' plagues Trump (Washington Times)
02-11-20 (05:43)   Patrick Mahomes made Jets pay for stopping Le'Veon Bell's revenge (New York Post)
30-10-20 (12:03)   Truth Seekers season 1, episode 6 recap - "The Revenge of the Chichester Widow"? (Ready Steady Cut)
29-10-20 (17:13)   How two strangers are battling a revenge porn nightmare (Mashable)
29-10-20 (11:13)   Telegram's massive revenge porn problem has made these women's lives hell (Mashable)
29-10-20 (00:43)   The revenge of Le'Veon Bell could be a Jets horror (New York Post)
28-10-20 (23:04)   'Two Weeks to Live' Trailer: Doomsday-Prepper Maisie Williams Wants Revenge (and Romance) (SlashFilm)
26-10-20 (21:29)   Teen sues Fla. pastor after fake revenge porn is posted online from his home (New York Post)
26-10-20 (14:43)   Jimmy Garoppolo's Patriots revenge was perfect (New York Post)
21-10-20 (18:55)   Fortnite - Fortnitemares 2020: Midas' Revenge Gameplay Trailer (GameSpot)
21-10-20 (18:23)   Leak Suggests Shadow Midas Revenge Fortnite skin will be in the item shop (Fortnite Insider)
21-10-20 (10:40)   Fortnitemares 2020: Midas' Revenge Halloween Event, Witch Broom, Candy & More (Fortnite Insider)
19-10-20 (19:53)   Screamfest 4 asks you to control Game of Thrones' Iwan Rheon in a real-life horror video game (Syfy Wire)
17-10-20 (23:00)   Revenge on Dolphins may be Jets' last chance to win for a while (New York Post)
17-10-20 (15:12)   Days of Our Lives Review Week of 10-12-20: It's All About Revenge (TV Fanatic)
14-10-20 (09:01)   Protections for 'revenge porn' victims enter NSW Parliament (ZDNet News)
10-10-20 (05:37)   Brosseau on HR off Chapman: Not about revenge (ESPN.com)
09-10-20 (23:11)   Promising Young Woman Trailer: Carey Mulligan-Led Revenge Tale Now Arrives This Christmas (The Film Stage)
08-10-20 (19:57)   AMD Ryzen 5900X vs. Intel Core i9 10900K: Revenge of the underdog? (Digital Trends)
08-10-20 (15:42)   Mads Mikkelsen Takes Revenge in First Teaser for Danish Dark Comedy Riders of Justice (The Film Stage)
07-10-20 (22:26)   Oxygen's "Killer Siblings" Returns with Revenge, Manipulation, and Deceit on Saturday, November 7 at 6PM ET/PT (The Futon Critic)
06-10-20 (10:56)   Mirzapur Season 2 Trailer Sets Up a Revenge Tale in Uttar Pradesh's Hinterland (Gadgets 360)
29-09-20 (19:42)   A Quartet of Witches Get Their Revenge in 'The Craft: Legacy' Trailer (RollingStone.com)
29-09-20 (02:28)   Clarke Looks Thirsty for Revenge in The 100 Series Finale Photos (TVGuide.com)
25-09-20 (18:52)   Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut digital release date revealed (Nintendo Enthusiast)
23-09-20 (17:29)   Bella Thorne Revenge Thriller 'Girl' Acquired by Screen Media (TheWrap.com)
21-09-20 (15:12)   THE WALKING DEAD Season 10 Finale "A Certain Doom" Promo Stills Find Beta Out For Revenge (Comic Book Movie)
20-09-20 (16:28)   Iran's Angry Salami Warns Trump of 'Revenge' for Death of Top General (Breitbart.com)
16-09-20 (22:56)   'Antebellum' Is a Revenge Fantasy Gone Sideways (RollingStone.com)
16-09-20 (19:43)   'The Secrets We Keep' Film Review: Noomi Rapace Seeks Revenge in Familiar Thriller (TheWrap.com)
16-09-20 (19:18)   'Violation' Review: An Unflinchingly Brutal, Needlessly Muddled Story of Trauma and Revenge [TIFF 2020] (SlashFilm)
13-09-20 (21:41)   'Violation' Review: Disturbing Rape-Revenge Thriller Subverts Genre Trappings (Variety)
13-09-20 (19:11)   TIFF Review: Violation Tells a Story of Revenge with Cross-Cutting Precision (The Film Stage)
11-09-20 (23:04)   Netflix's 'The Harder They Fall' Western Revenge Thriller Adds Regina King, Lakeith Stanfield & More (SlashFilm)
03-09-20 (07:06)   Rays 2B hits 2 HRs, says 'no revenge' vs. Yanks (ESPN.com)
02-09-20 (11:23)   Two Weeks to Live Review: Does Maisie Williams Revenge Comedy Hit the Target? (Den of Geek)
26-08-20 (23:50)   Ion Cutelaba plotting revenge over Magomed Ankalaev in UFC on ESPN+ 33 rematch (MMAjunkie.com)
23-08-20 (15:45)   Somali Migrant Torched Churches as Revenge for a Qur'an Being Burned (Breitbart.com)
21-08-20 (19:24)   Maul's revenge, Mandalorian rumors, and some Star Wars rugs (Syfy Wire)
21-08-20 (01:45)   Teenage Kansas Democrat Who Admitted to Revenge Porn Wins Primary (Breitbart.com)
14-08-20 (18:04)   'Evil Eye' First Look: Revenge, Reincarnation, and Indian Mythology Come to Blumhouse (SlashFilm)
07-08-20 (23:55)   AHS Hotel Episode 10 "She Gets Revenge" Breakdown (GameSpot)
05-08-20 (19:39)   The TVA is going green. Is Trump taking revenge? (Electrek.co)
01-08-20 (23:32)   This Week In Music: Facebook Is In The Video Game, Taylor Swifties Seek Revenge (Deadline.com)
31-07-20 (21:24)   AHS Hotel Episode 9 "She Wants Revenge" Breakdown (GameSpot)
16-07-20 (18:18)   Samurai Revenge Comic 'The Devil's Red Bride' in the Works at Vault (Exclusive) (Hollywood Reporter)
16-07-20 (11:55)   Western 'A Soldier's Revenge' Rides to Well Go in U.S., Other Territories (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
14-07-20 (16:18)   Ghost of Tsushima review: An open-world haiku of honor, stealth, and revenge (Ars Technica)
13-07-20 (06:01)   Hacker breaches security firm in act of revenge (ZDNet News)
13-07-20 (02:27)   Stargirl - Shiv, Part. 2 - Review: Stargirl's Revenge (Spoiler TV)
11-07-20 (21:24)   Vivica A. Fox Wants Zendaya To Seek Revenge As Her Daughter in A 'Kill Bill' Sequel (Variety)
10-07-20 (01:33)   Revenge Ghost Story 'Tether' Brings Together Daniel Dae Kim and Amazon (SlashFilm)
08-07-20 (22:52)   Original Shantae getting Limited Run Switch & GBC re-release, Risky's Revenge to Switch too (Nintendo Enthusiast)
01-07-20 (07:16)   Is The Show Revenge Prank Fake? (TVOvermind)
30-06-20 (17:16)   10 Things You Didn't Know about MTV's Revenge Prank (TVOvermind)
29-06-20 (21:45)   Bokhari: The Left Takes Revenge on Facebook for Not Censoring Enough (Breitbart.com)
29-06-20 (21:28)   That Revenge Spin-Off at ABC Isn't Happening After All (TVGuide.com)
29-06-20 (20:26)   Revenge Reboot, Thirtysomething Sequel Both Dead at ABC (TV Fanatic)
29-06-20 (20:20)   Revenge Reboot Dead: ABC Passes on Sequel Series Starring Fan Favorite (TVLine)
29-06-20 (17:28)   Washington Post Opinion Editor: 'White Women Are Lucky' We Are 'not Calling for Revenge' (Breitbart.com)
25-06-20 (04:04)   Cannes Hidden Gem: A Samurai and a Female Pro Wrestler Team Up in Revenge Thriller 'Dogman' (Hollywood Reporter)
23-06-20 (20:23)   The Last of Us Part 2 Review: A Gritty, Gruesome Sequel About Revenge (Den of Geek)
22-06-20 (20:10)   Borderlands 3 Bounty Of Blood DLC Is A Slightly Serious Revenge Western (GameSpot)
22-06-20 (17:41)   STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE SITH Revisited - 5 Things That Worked And 5 That Didn't (Comic Book Movie)
22-06-20 (04:17)   The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion review — killer sequences, a complicated plot, and a thriller full of revenge (Ready Steady Cut)
19-06-20 (00:14)   Peter Navarro: Bolton Book Is 'Deep Swamp Revenge Porn' (Breitbart.com)
10-06-20 (16:30)   The Last of Us Part 2 Launch Trailer is the Prelude to Revenge (GamingBolt)
08-06-20 (05:03)   Cuban Doll Threatens Revenge After Sex Tape With Tadoe Leaks Online (AceShowbiz.com)
02-06-20 (03:16)   Yes, We Need The Four-Hour Cut of Revenge of the Sith (TVOvermind)
28-05-20 (19:26)   MTV Adds "Revenge Prank with DJ Pauly D and Vinny" to Its Powerhouse Thursday Night (The Futon Critic)
26-05-20 (19:00)   'NOS4A2' Season 2 Trailer: Charlie Manx Is Back for Revenge, and He Brought Candy Canes (Video) (TheWrap.com)
22-05-20 (19:38)   The Mandalorian's Boba Fett rumors intensify, and more Star Wars legends die (Syfy Wire)
21-05-20 (16:04)   The Quarantine Stream: 'Itaewon Class' is an Addicting Revenge Drama Dressed Up in Boardroom Politics (SlashFilm)
20-05-20 (22:24)   15 years ago, Revenge of the Sith ended Star Wars. Here's what that felt like. (Syfy Wire)
20-05-20 (17:34)   13 Reasons Why Trailer: [Spoiler] Returns for Revenge in Final Season (TVLine)
20-05-20 (14:41)   STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE SITH Beats AVENGERS: ENDGAME In Most Popular Summer Movie Poll (Comic Book Movie)
20-05-20 (13:58)   STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE SITH Beats AVENGERS: ENDGAME In Poll Deciding Most Popular Summer Movie (Comic Book Movie)
19-05-20 (21:07)   Star Wars fans and creators explain why Revenge of the Sith has unlimited power 15 years later (Syfy Wire)
19-05-20 (17:53)   Why Revenge of the Sith is undoubtedly the best Star Wars trilogy ender (Syfy Wire)
19-05-20 (15:33)   How 'Revenge of the Sith' Almost Broke 'Star Wars' (Hollywood Reporter)
18-05-20 (22:24)   Fine additions to our collection: The best (and weirdest) tie-in merch from Revenge of the Sith (Syfy Wire)
18-05-20 (18:24)   4 tragic ways Star Wars: The Clone Wars changed Revenge of the Sith for the better (Syfy Wire)
15-05-20 (21:53)   The Mandalorian reportedly adds Katee Sackhoff and Phil Tippett returns! (Syfy Wire)
11-05-20 (22:38)   The Bullet: Time of Revenge is a Unity asset for developers sold as a game (Nintendo Enthusiast)
11-05-20 (21:58)   STAR WARS: Samuel L. Jackson Believes Mace Windu Survived The Events In REVENGE OF THE SITH (Comic Book Movie)
11-05-20 (20:04)   Vivica A. Fox on 'Arkansas' and Wanting Revenge in Potential 'Kill Bill 3' (Hollywood Reporter)
09-05-20 (17:58)   Sweet Revenge? Now That Michael Flynn Free, Trump May Be Tempted to Punish Russiagate Conspirators (Infowars.com)
08-05-20 (00:58)   MORTAL KOMBAT: SCORPION'S REVENGE Enters DEG's Watched At Home Top 20 List; BAD BOYS & SONIC Stay Strong (Comic Book Movie)
06-05-20 (02:14)   Michael Moore: Earth Will Take 'Revenge' on Mankind for 'Trying to Choke It to F**king Death' (Breitbart.com)
05-05-20 (21:38)   Get Your Dog Revenge On As John Wick Hex is Out Today On PlayStation 4 (PlayStation LifeStyle)
04-05-20 (23:24)   The Jedi deaths in Order 66, ranked by how sad they make me (Syfy Wire)
30-04-20 (19:18)   'Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo' is a Science Fiction Anime Remix of the Classic Revenge Tale (SlashFilm)
30-04-20 (15:40)   Kemco And City Connection Apologise Over New Switch JRPG Revenge Of Justice (Nintendo Life)
29-04-20 (06:41)   MORTAL KOMBAT LEGENDS: SCORPION'S REVENGE Is Officially Available On 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, & DVD (Comic Book Movie)
29-04-20 (00:38)   Unpacking the complicated Siege of Mandalore timeline on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and beyond (Syfy Wire)
27-04-20 (14:06)   How to watch MNF Classics: No revenge for Wade Phillips vs. Bills (ESPN.com)
25-04-20 (00:38)   Star Wars: The Clone Wars finally catches up with Revenge of the Sith [Jabba the Pod 2.17] (Syfy Wire)
24-04-20 (18:33)   'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Sets the Stage for the Tragedy of 'Revenge of the Sith' With "The Phantom Apprentice" (SlashFilm)
24-04-20 (12:23)   Borderlands 3's latest update is live as the Revenge of the Cartels Seasonal Event begins (On MSFT)
24-04-20 (09:30)   Borderlands 3 - Revenge of the Cartels Event, Mayhem 2.0 Now Live (GamingBolt)
24-04-20 (04:55)   Borderlands 3 Revenge Of The Cartel Begins Now (GameSpot)
23-04-20 (21:07)   Borderlands 3 Gets An End-Game Overhaul, New Revenge of the Cartels Seasonal Event (PlayStation LifeStyle)
23-04-20 (18:52)   Borderlands 3 Kicks Off New Revenge of the Cartels Event Today (DualShockers)
23-04-20 (01:27)   MORTAL KOMBAT LEGENDS: SCORPION'S REVENGE - Sonya Blade Fights An Invisible Foe In A Brand New Clip (Comic Book Movie)
22-04-20 (00:10)   New Borderlands 3 Revenge Of The Cartels Event Starts This Week (GameSpot)
17-04-20 (21:53)   Why Ki-Adi Mundi sucks: Ranking the Jedi Council members in Star Wars (Syfy Wire)
17-04-20 (20:40)   The '80s Martial Arts Movie Influences of Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge (Den of Geek)
16-04-20 (00:24)   Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge Review - GET OVER HERE! (GameSpot)
15-04-20 (19:10)   Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge - Exclusive Johnny Cage Clip (GameSpot)
15-04-20 (19:10)   Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge Clip Shows Johnny Cage Hilariously Try To Worm His Way Out Of Trouble (GameSpot)
15-04-20 (18:40)   Will a Mortal Kombat: Scorpion's Revenge Sequel Happen? (Den of Geek)
15-04-20 (12:20)   DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino to Host New 'Revenge Prank' Series (AceShowbiz.com)
15-04-20 (05:55)   Fired IT Workers at Billboard, Hollywood Reporter Get Revenge with 'Animal House' Post (Variety)
14-04-20 (22:26)   MTV Greenlights "Revenge Prank with DJ Pauly D and Vinny" - New Series to Launch Summer 2020 (The Futon Critic)
14-04-20 (15:03)   MTV Turns To UK Producer Gobstopper For Prank Format 'Revenge Prank With DJ Pauly D & Vinny' (Deadline.com)
14-04-20 (07:24)   Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge Clip Introduces Sonya Blade (GameSpot)
13-04-20 (21:53)   WIRE Buzz: Black Adam 'probably' shooting this summer; Mortal Kombat watch party; more (Syfy Wire)
13-04-20 (14:41)   MORTAL KOMBAT LEGENDS: SCORPION'S REVENGE Clips Preview Liu Kang v Kitana, Sonya & Scorpion On The Hunt (Comic Book Movie)
13-04-20 (14:40)   Bringing Mortal Kombat: Scorpion's Revenge to Life (Den of Geek)
13-04-20 (01:58)   MORTAL KOMBAT LEGENDS: SCORPION'S REVENGE Clips Preview Liu Kang v Kitana, Sonya Blade, & Scorpion On The Hunt (Comic Book Movie)
10-04-20 (21:53)   First look: Liu Kang and Kitana throw down in Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge clip (Syfy Wire)
10-04-20 (17:58)   Pope Says Pandemic Could Be 'Nature's Revenge' For Ignoring Climate Change (Infowars.com)
09-04-20 (13:59)   Conan has some brutal advice for getting revenge on your kids while staying home (Mashable)
04-04-20 (20:42)   Impeachment Revenge Is Back as Trump Fires Intelligence Community's Chief Watchdog (RollingStone.com)
04-04-20 (20:27)   MORTAL KOMBAT LEGENDS: SCORPION'S REVENGE 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD Details Revealed (Comic Book Movie)
03-04-20 (01:12)   MORTAL KOMBAT LEGENDS: SCORPION'S REVENGE - Johnny Cage Is Humble As Ever In This First Clip (Comic Book Movie)
02-04-20 (02:24)   WIRE Buzz: Universal sets Don't Go in the Water monster movie; Mortal Kombat classics get animated; more (Syfy Wire)
30-03-20 (22:10)   In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, You Can Exact Revenge On Those Wasps With An Unusual Item (GameSpot)
26-03-20 (21:29)   Nicolas Cage and Alex Wolff Revenge Thriller 'Pig' Picked Up by Neon (TheWrap.com)
26-03-20 (20:41)   Neon Wins Domestic Rights to Nicolas Cage Revenge Thriller 'Pig' (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
24-03-20 (15:03)   The Resident Hosts Revenge Reunion During Timely Outbreak-Themed Episode — Watch a Sneak Peek (TVLine)
23-03-20 (18:29)   Woody Allen Again Denies Abusing Daughter Dylan, Blames Mia Farrow's 'Ahab-Like Quest' for Revenge (TheWrap.com)
14-03-20 (22:16)   The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss Redefines the ''Revenge Dress'' During Night Out (E! Online)
13-03-20 (20:07)   Star Wars Weekly: The Mandalorian Season 2 news and Max von Sydow, remembered (Syfy Wire)
13-03-20 (03:07)   Bellator 241 breakdown: Will Emmanuel Sanchez have his revenge vs. Daniel Weichel? (MMAjunkie.com)
10-03-20 (23:41)   I Love How Revenge Fuels Call Of Duty: Warzone's Take On Respawning (GameSpot)
09-03-20 (21:34)   Uncancelled One Day at a Time Exacts 'Revenge' on Netflix, Throws Shade at Streamer in Pop TV Premiere (TVLine)
09-03-20 (20:24)   New Trailer For Animated Mortal Kombat Film Sets Up Scorpion's Bloody Revenge (GameSpot)
09-03-20 (18:41)   MORTAL KOMBAT LEGENDS: SCORPION'S REVENGE Brutal Red Band Trailer Features Fatalities Galore (Comic Book Movie)
09-03-20 (10:10)   Pushpavalli Season 2 Trailer: Sumukhi Suresh Is Back to Make Amends / Take Revenge (Gadgets 360)
07-03-20 (05:24)   Star Wars Weekly: Palpatine's clone son and rumors of a High Republic VR game (Syfy Wire)
03-03-20 (23:24)   Star Wars: The Clone Wars explains why Padmé's pregnancy wasn't a galactic scandal (Syfy Wire)
03-03-20 (14:08)   The Walking Dead showrunner on Dante's secret revenge (EW.com)
03-03-20 (00:38)   How Birds of Prey reshapes the revenge plot (Syfy Wire)
27-02-20 (16:09)   Mini Review: Willy Jetman: Astromonkey's Revenge - A Fun Homage To The Classics Of Yore (Nintendo Life)
25-02-20 (16:42)   'The Invisible Man': Monster-Movie Reboot As #MeToo Revenge Story (RollingStone.com)
25-02-20 (09:03)   'LHH: Miami' Star Saucy Santana Hints at Getting Revenge on Miami Tip for Being 'Tea Runner' (AceShowbiz.com)
21-02-20 (08:24)   Memento Films Intl. Boards Leah Purcell's Aussie Revenge Tale 'The Drover's Wife' (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
20-02-20 (19:13)   Hunters' Over-the-Top Holocaust Revenge Fantasy Misses the Mark (Vulture)
20-02-20 (03:13)   The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Ol' Salty's Revenge (Vulture)
19-02-20 (18:04)   How to Block and Sue Robocallers and Reap Sweet, Sweet Revenge (Popular Mechanics)
19-02-20 (13:17)   Martin Scorsese Joins Paul Schrader's 'The Card Counter'; Tiffany Haddish, Tye Sheridan & Willem Dafoe Star With Oscar Isaac In Revenge Thriller - EFM (Deadline.com)
17-02-20 (15:11)   'Hunters' Review: Nazi Revenge Fantasy Goes Big on Grindhouse Style (RollingStone.com)
17-02-20 (10:41)   Vampire Cowboys' 'Revenge Song': L.A. Theater Review (Variety)
15-02-20 (15:14)   The 'Robo Revenge' App Makes It Easy to Sue Robocallers (WIRED)
13-02-20 (17:59)   Venezuela: Maduro Arrests President Guaido's Uncle as Revenge for SOTU Appearance (Breitbart.com)
05-02-20 (20:41)   Listen: Superheroes, Stage Fights and Stealth Diversity (Variety)
05-02-20 (02:07)   UFC on ESPN+ 29 poster features welterweight contenders with revenge on their minds (MMAjunkie.com)
05-02-20 (01:21)   Joyner Lucas Releases 'Revenge,' Readies 'ADHD' Album & Two More Projects for March (Billboard.com)
01-02-20 (13:49)   Margot Robbie Spills How She and Her Friends Exacted Revenge on Exes After Breakups (AceShowbiz.com)
31-01-20 (22:06)   Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge Will be Getting a Red Band Trailer Soon Enough (DualShockers)
31-01-20 (09:07)   Leon Edwards targets Tyron Woodley's ego, then 'perfect revenge' against Kamaru Usman (MMAjunkie.com)
30-01-20 (22:10)   Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge On Digital And Blu-Ray: Release Date, Price, And Special Features (GameSpot)
29-01-20 (21:20)   TVLine Items: Terry Bradshaw Reality Series, Revenge Vet's Spy Gig and More (TVLine)
29-01-20 (19:42)   Ashley McBryde Concludes Revenge Saga in 'Hang in There Girl' Video (RollingStone.com)

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